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Since 1990 ,we have been involved in the bodybuilding industry ,advancing in the science of Legal Steroids Creation and PumpnPose Synthol Development.

We strive to Give you the very best Legal Steroids on Earth.

New for 2011

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1. Synthobolic Extreme is a pharmaceutical grade  true lab created Synthol

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4.Pumped Anabolic Synthol has been researched for over a year,studied and tested in a controlled lab and proved more effective than:


Synthobolic pro

Synthobolic Extreme


Esik Clean



Synthrol 877

Elyte Synthol

Actua Synthol

Painless Pumps

Pumped Synthol has been lab proven to be up to 5 times more effective than the above listed competition making Pumped Synthol by far the best ,most powerful Professional Grade Synthol ever created.

If you are on a tight budget,we recommend Synthobolic Extreme Synthol and guarantee it to be more effective than the others listed above,but if you are a far more advanced user,We recommend PumPed Anabolic Synthol! Beware of fake counterfeit Synthobolic being marketed on sites such as Amazon, If it doesn't state SwessPharma Labs on the bottle, it is a complete fake and may be dangerous!

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